Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Snow Day!

As much as I would like you all to believe, and therefore have sympathy for me, it does not snow here in the tundra every day. Yes, there is snow on the ground for many months in a row, but it does not in fact snow on a daily basis.

Actually, this winter has been very light on snow. Last year was utter chaos that produced record breaking amounts of the white fluff. This year, not so much. At least by local standards.

Unbelievably we have only had two snow days this year, as in school was cancelled. The first was at the beginning of February. The second was today. 

This past weekend we were supposed to get a storm with an estimated two feet of snow. On Saturday morning The Canadian climbed out of bed, knowing he would have to snow blow the driveway, and went straight to the window to assess the damage. Seeing no new snow on the ground he rubbed his eyes and headed to a different window to double check. Sure enough, the storm missed us. Thank goodness, because major snow on the weekend is a waste. What's the point of a snow storm if you don't get a day off work? Honestly.

Anyway, rumors started to swirl around town yesterday about the possibility of a perfectly timed storm that was supposedly arriving. See, the key to getting the day off of work isn't necessarily the amount of snow. Don't get me wrong, a lot of snow helps, but it's the timing that really makes the difference.

For example, if it starts dumping in the middle of the afternoon and continues into early night then the army of plows will have time to clear the roads by the next morning. Bummer for all of us school district employees. However, if the snow is a little more than minor and starts in the early morning, say 4am, then the plows won't be able to get the roads cleared in time for school. That is what was supposed to happen last night.

I was torn yesterday afternoon. Do I hope for snow because I could really use a day off work to get caught up on my life? Or do I hope for clear skies because I really hate hate hate shoveling, clearing off my car and wading through even more white stuff? It's pretty when it is freshly fallen but the clean up and the melting is not nearly as gorgeous or entertaining.

Like I said, I was torn. Snow or no snow? I fell asleep ready to go to work in the morning but satisfied that I would survive even if it did snow again. Just as long as this is the last time for the year. I need some grass in my life. No, not the illegal kind. The legally responsible kind, you know the kind that grows in the yard.

Well, it snowed. Not a massive amount. But just enough, at the right time, that school was cancelled. I woke up to find Maple sound asleep in her bed, Hobie standing outside in the snow and The Canadian busy snow blowing the driveway. 

I find it quite appropriate that my Southern dog laid in bed all morning while her Canadian sister stood outside in the cold with her master. And people say Maple isn't smart! Hmph.

I briefly considered helping with the shoveling but decided I was much better off putting on my robe instead of my snow pants, making coffee and venturing outside to take some photos. 

He did briefly consider throwing me and my robe in the snow, but then thought better of it. 

And he did the shoveling too. Man, I love that husband of mine. He really knows how to win a girl over.

If you're quiet on a snowy morning you can hear the hum of snow blowers all across the neighborhood. Look up and down the street and you'll see all the men outside manning their snow blowers. Occasionally you'll see a woman with a shovel clearing the stairs, but not often. Nope, it's a man thing. And I am totally okay with that.

Anyway, after working hard to clear the driveway and uncover the cars The Canadian and I went out for breakfast at our favorite diner. He then took off to the mountain for a day of skiing in order to take full advantage of the snow day. Meanwhile, I toiled away at my never-ending pile of homework and devoured coffee like it was my job. 

Then he came home to an overly jittery wife and promptly threatened to throw me in the snow again. See? Just another reason that snow is the devil. He would never threaten to throw me in the grass.

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