Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Post About Nothing.

I took the best food photo of my entire life tonight - the colors were so perfect and the lightening couldn't have been better. I was so excited to upload those photos and show you the amazing stuffed peppers I made for dinner.

Five minutes ago I went to upload the photo and guess what? There was no memory card in my camera. What?! I have never made that mistake before and I promise here and now that it won't happen again.

I'm sorry to deprive you of the stuffed pepper photo. It's devastating, I know.

Anyway, the real point is that I made stuffed peppers for dinner tonight. A new item on my rotating menu! Definite cause for celebration.

Does anyone else have these problems? Seriously, TC and I eat chef salads, tacos, salmon, chicken pasta and pork tenderloin...over...and over....and then maybe throw in buffalo chicken. I need new recipes in my life.

Instead of my beautiful pepper shot, here is a gorgeous photo of my empty ice cream bowl.

That's right, I celebrated two days of being back in the gym with a bow full of ice cream.

Fine. You caught me. There was a nice and warm cookie nestled at the bottom of the bowl too. Didn't you know that the best way to eat ice cream is with a warm cookie or brownie?

Speaking of cookies and ice cream, maybe you want to see a photo of me and my girl Sally. We were getting ready to do an Insanity workout while I was visiting in Atlanta a few weeks ago. The ice cream made me think of Sally because she isn't allowing herself to have any sweets right now while she's doing Insanity.

Don't worry, Sal. I was thinking of you so tonight I had enough for the both of us.


Oh yes, it is September 11th. Let us never forget. Thank you to all that keep us safe.

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  1. I have a sweet and sour chicken and a mongolian beef recipe I can share!