Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekend Highlights.

Another exciting weekend in the books, people. I'm the biggest party animal in town these days. 

Seriously, how anti-social can I be? 

Check out my new friends, the leaves. They are literally turning red as we speak. That tree is going to be on fire soon.

Friday was my follow-up xray. Remember that stress fracture I had back in May? Yeah, I'm just now getting cleared to run again. 

Apparently I need more milk in my diet.

Saturday was my last day of single life so I felt that I needed to take full advantage and treat myself to pancakes. I make a damn good pancake too. Too bad TC insists on going out for breakfast every weekend morning. His loss.

It was super gross outside which kind of put a damper on all my fun plans for the day.

Instead I went all hurricane Kate on my kitchen and made a total mess. All in the name of a pumpkin loaf...

And because I'm really that cool, I organized my linen closet. Two years ago when I moved in with TC I made it perfect. TC does his own laundry, and I will be forever grateful for that, but dear Lord, how hard is it to fold a towel? How hard is it to put a beach towel with all the other beach towels? 

Until he learns to fold a towel in thirds, he's never allowed in there again. I'm sure he's crying his eyes out right now.

To relieve my linen closet stress, I went on over to the gym. I've been playing around and making up circuit workouts for myself lately, and this one was awesome. 

Get excited, you'll be seeing more of these in the future.

Finally, after ten long days of being gone, TC came home on Friday night. He's been off sailing in the World Championships in New York. They got 84th place! Or was it 85th place? Let's be real, I don't think it really matters at that level. Fact is, the boat didn't sink and he's home. 

All is well in the world.

This morning I woke up excited to go out to our usual Sunday breakfast but TC had a paper to write and bailed on me. I moped around for an hour or so until he decided that greasy food is more exciting than stupid graduate school homework. Obviously. I can't believe that was even in question.

To battle all the grease I headed back to the gym this morning for another awesome circuit. I love these things, they're short, sweet and sweaty. 

I'll love them even more if they get these extra ten pounds off me. But perhaps I should stop eating grease for breakfast first...

And then I went back to my computer for more homework. 

And then some more homework.

For a snack today I made a smoothie in the white blender. It's four years old, tops. Half way through the blending process today it died. Kaput. Toast. 

Thankfully, I have my mother's yellow blender that was her wedding present in 1978. Works like a charm. They just don't make things the way they used to.

I would like you all to take note of who is ironing his own clothes tonight. 


I am never going back to ironing. Never. never. never. 

Real men iron their own clothes.

How was your weekend? I'm sure it wasn't as rockin as mine.

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