Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend Highlights.

Friday was jeans day at work, which is always a great way to start the weekend. However, I knew I was ready for the day to be over when my brand new cardigan ripped and it almost brought me to tears at work. I knew at that moment that a glass of wine was in my future.

As soon as I got home from work I pretended the rest of the world didn't exist and got lost in The Language of Flowers. Whenever I start reading a really good book I obsess over it and can accomplish nothing remotely worthwhile until the last page has been read. I read this book in two days just so I could get my life back.

Do yourself a favor and read it. Sooooo good.

Instead of wine, Serge came over with coffees and we all enjoyed a coffee and Baileys. Usually we reserve this drink for playing in the snow but you'll be happy to know that it is just as delicious on a random Friday night in semi-warm weather.

On Saturday morning I finally made it to the market! I've been back in town for almost a month, which is borderline inexcusable. Lucky for me, nothing has changed and my favorite waffle lady is still in business and even remembered that I like a full banana on my waffle.


We had great weather all week, but the rain is back. I'm about over this rainy weekend trend we've been having.

Since any fun outdoor activities were rained out, I decided to make some crazy monstrous cookies. Reese's, white chocolate chips, toffee pieces, sprinkles, chocolate chips, nutella and pretzels bits. Like, whoa.

Praise the Lord, the Tennessee game was on CBS this weekend. For whatever reason, here in Canada we get ABC, CBS and NBC but no ESPN. Go figure. Another reason to praise the good Lord, Twisted Tea is now in Canada. Have you ever had one? It's not carbonated so it's basically the best game day drink ever.

Today was the Race for the Cure. I ran it last year (remember, you all generously supported me?!) but my leg isn't ready for a race yet this year. I still wanted to support the cause, so instead I volunteered to help out.

My post was the cake serving station. Seems a little contradictory, but whatever. I don't ever question the need for cake.

And judging by how awesome I look in the picture, I should probably lay off the cake and get my butt to the gym.

Every Sunday night we have dinner with TC's family. Two great things happened tonight. One - we had delicious homemade spaghetti. Two - TC got to spend his evening making animals out of pipe cleaners for our three year old niece. They had more fun than anyone.

And to finish off another awesome weekend, TC brought out a mini chocolate cream pie to split while I finished my homework.

God, I love him.

And, yes, I'm going to the gym tomorrow. 

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