Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Weekend.

The Canadian left me.

Not for good! Jeez. How bad of a wife do you think I am? He left for the weekend to go sailing. That's why he left his ring at home. There is a 'no ring on the boat' rule, less you want to loose a finger in all the ropes and hooks and stuff.

It rarely happens. I mean like once-a-year rarely. He left town for the weekend and left me with the house to myself.

So what does a girl do when it is Friday night and she has the apartment and the remote (!) to herself for the evening? Obviously, she eats sushi, enjoys a glass of wine and curls up with Kindle. I'm nothing if not a party animal. Did I mention that the sushi was from the grocery store? Yeah, high class all the way.

I slept in until the glorious hour of 11:30 on Saturday. For one, I've been a bit under the weather. For two, I love to sleep in and I don't care how much you're judging me right now. You only wish you could sleep in like that. I did manage to make myself a feast of eggs, toast and coffee. That's something at least.

I spent Saturday afternoon doing nothing. And by nothing, I mean nothing. Maple was my witness. Laying on the couch isn't something I usually aspire to, but I was flat out of energy, had full control of the remote AND My Best Friend's Wedding was on.

You know you love that movie. Be honest.

I mean seriously, it was five o'clock and I was still in my pajamas. I consider that a successful Saturday afternoon.

I did finally manage to drag myself into the shower and pull it together for the evening. One of TC's groomsmen was in town from Yellowknife so we all sat around the fire and enjoyed some adult beverages to remind him of all the fun he's been missing out on.

If you're not up to speed on your Canadian geography, Yellowknife is basically next door to the North Pole. If he wants to borrow a cup of sugar he's going to have to walk to his nearest neighbor and ask Santa. Its wayyyyy up there.

Today I had big plans to crank out some homework and then head to the Hot Air Balloon Festival but it rained and the balloon launch was canceled. I enforced my no TV rule and washed everything in the house that could possibly need washing all in an effort to avoid writing papers. It didn't work out very well and I ended up writing the papers anyway.

The dogs and I eventually decided to hit the streets in the rain and go for a walk around the neighborhood. I figured a little fresh air would do us all some good.

Another big victory was making it to the grocery store and buying some healthy fruit for the week. TC won't be around much this week because he'll be sailing so I also stocked up on food that I consider dinner - cereal.

Then, to finish off my night I had to do my least favorite thing in the whole wide world. Ironing. I hate it. I do it every Sunday night and have to have a conversation with myself the whole time to keep my attitude in check. It's just ironing. It's just an hour. It's not enough to ruin the weekend. Repeat.

To celebrate another week of not throwing the iron through the window I'm now treating myself to one little glass of wine while I write. And now I'm going to bed.

How was your weekend???

Oh yeah, it's my sister's birthday today. Happy Birthday, Marissa! Congratulations on being one year closer to 30!

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