Monday, December 13, 2010

$10 Orange Juice

When The Canadian and I were engaged I took care of almost all of our wedding registry. Almost. He wanted a juicer. Fine

He's been wanting to juice something for weeks. Opportunity knocked last week when a local high school sold oranges for a fund raiser. He bought a whole box for $20. "Think of all the freshly squeezed orange juice we'll have!" he said. I told him to enjoy. Pulp isn't my thing.

So he juiced about ten oranges tonight. He came into the living room with a big grin and a big glass of freshly juiced oranges. He took one sip, made a face and said "Are you supposed to peel the oranges first?"

He then went back to the kitchen and dumped it out.

Do over! Peeling was a little too tedious so he busted out a knife.

In the end, half the box of oranges were juiced. And he had one glass of OJ that he decided to save for the morning. 

That would be a $10 glass of orange juice. Enjoy!

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