Wednesday, December 15, 2010

All About Tires

Two weeks ago I was an innocent Southern driver. I have a car and it has a set of tires. I don't know what kind of tires they are. They're black and rubber. Isn't that enough?

Raise your hand if...
You have ever heard of winter tires?
You own two sets of tires for one car?
You have ever heard of winter rims?
You own two sets of winter rims?
Your car has even been rust checked?
You know what a rust check is?

No? Let me educate you.

My tires, now dubbed 'summer tires', look like this. They are not sufficient for driving in snow, ice and slush. Who knew? We don't have these problems in the South.

My rims were not suitable either. Something about rust...or salt...maybe both. Again, we don't have these problems in the South.

The Canadian and I went all over town in search of the perfect winter tires for me, his Southern wife who doesn't have a clue what she's signed up for. You should see the mechanics, they just laugh in my face. Florida? Ha! 

We had to get the tires pronto because winter is upon us. Or, at least it was last week.  In honor of my new, very expensive tires, the temperature promptly shot up to 62F (16C) (that would be 30 degrees warmer that Georgia right now).

We ended up with these bad boys. I'm not entirely sure what the difference is besides the tread is a lovely V shape.

Apparently the tread design helps with slush and getting a good grip on the ice. I'm still not sure why ice is such a big deal. They have as many salt trucks for one block as we have for the entire city of Atlanta. I guess when you get down to -40 there is no amount of plowing or salting to save the roads.

My new rims are rust proof and nice and shiny.

Meet the Bat Mobile. Ready for winter. Bring on the ice.

Meanwhile, my basement is now four tires fuller. My summer tires will sit in their bags waiting for the birds to start chirping, the flowers to start blooming and their owner to start singing.

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