Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A 32 Year Old's Christmas Gift

What does one get for her 32 year old husband for their first Christmas as a married couple? The man who has everything and wants nothing...

Well, I got him a long board. What's a long board, you ask? Why, it's a long skate board.

Basically, I got him the gift of broken bones.

Long boards have gi-normous, soft, rubber wheels that are wide set.

I'm sure it has a real name that I would tell you if I knew, but that white rubber piece allows the board to bend and turn. 

Here's The Canadian demonstrating the bending and turning in the dining room.

I have also given myself the gift of broken dishes, apparently.

I learned that no board is complete without a layer of stickers.

I always wondered why he collected stickers from every place we went. I had no idea we were saving for this glorious event. Now everyone will know who's board this belongs to. Thank God.

Anyway, I think my surprise gift to The Canadian was a hit. He rode around the house all night - since it was snowing outside. 

Then, just for good measure, I threw in a cupcake holder. This way the frosting won't get smushed in his lunch. 

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