Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Late Night Dog Walk

The Canadian and his friends have a long standing winter tradition - late night dog walks.

He and most of his friends grew up in the same neighborhood and have all been buddies since first grade (pronounced: Grade 1). The neighborhood backs up to one of the city's parks that is full of trails, bike paths, creeks and other fun elements that little boys love to explore. Growing up with this for a back yard, they know every inch of it. Today, they still ride their mountain bikes through the trails and walk their dogs. And while most of them did not grow up with a family dog, they all have their own large canine now.

I think the walks started as an escape from their families. During the holidays, when they would all be back at the old stomping grounds having family dinners, they would congregate at night for walks in the woods. They would take the loop through the woods and reminisce of the old days and catch up with each other.

Nowadays, they bring the dogs, the wives and the girlfriends on these little excursions. But now it's not as an escape. It's just for fun.

I've been on a few of these late night walks (which by the way, aren't really late night anymore since they all have real jobs) but last night was the first of this season.

I know these trails are safe and I totally trust they know exactly where we are and how to get back home...but still. The suburban American in me can't help but look for the creepsters and psychos lurking in the bushes.

I know I was surrounded by four strong men and four large dogs weighing around 500 pounds...but still. Maybe I've seen one too many episodes of Criminal Minds.

But, as Jackson said, "It's way too cold for murders to be out here."

Good call, Jackson.

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