Saturday, December 4, 2010

Game Day

Saturday. A day most, if not all, Southerners immediately associate with Football. Around here most people don't give two hoots about football. And if they do, it's the NFL. That's fine, better than nothing, right? At least they know how many points a touchdown is worth.

Developed in college, my Saturday morning habit is to get up and put my Tennessee VOLS t-shirt on. It's gameday, what else would I wear? You have to show your team pride, your team spirit. I love Tennessee. I spent 4 (read: 6) years of my life at that school. Blood, sweat, and tears...and a whole lot of money. Yeah, your damn right I wear my shirt on Saturdays.

It's not like that here in Canada. There is no major allegiance to your your alma mater.

Soooooo...this makes me even more obnoxious about my football watching.

Anyway, today is the SEC Championship. I remember the good ole days when Tennessee used to play in that game....

So, I got up today and put on my favorite VOLS shirt.

Maple cares too. Since we've moved to Canada she's taken to wearing a lucky bandana just to remind everyone how much she loves Tennessee. I swear, every Saturday morning she brings me her bandana and drops it in my lap. It must be that internal canine clock I've heard about.

Since I was dressed in my typical gameday attire, The Canadian asked me what time the game started. I told him 5:00. He nodded. Then I said, "War Eagle!" He looked confused and went about his business.

He eventually realized Tennessee wasn't playing and finally asked me why I am wearing my shirt and Maple is wearing her bandana if the VOLS aren't playing.

Why? Because its Saturday. 

So, even though no one in this country knows what the SEC is, even though my team isn't playing, I will still be sitting on my couch, with my nachos, in my gameday shirt, with my bandana-wearing dog, and yelling at the TV during all the appropriate times.

God bless the South.

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