Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Line at Staples

I'm pretty sure there is a law somewhere that states Saturday mornings are for sleeping in late. 

No? Well there is in my igloo.

That law was broken this morning as we rose at 7am to go stand in the freezing cold and snow to wait in line to get into Staples. It was like Black Friday a few weeks too late.

Staples was having a big sale. Laptops were $150. There were only twenty available at each store. And no, we weren't buying laptops to go under the Christmas tree. We were trying to buy them for a local elementary school's PTA. See? We're good people.

This was serious business. People had chairs and snowsuits to brave the long night while they waited in line. I was already to charge in that store, throw some elbows, push some people around and come out on top.

I'm not entirely sure how I got signed up for this nonsense. I'm a lover, not a fighter.

But then this girl in the black jacket came out and announced they would be handing out tickets to the first twenty people in line for the laptops. And with that, all my hopes for an early morning cat fight were shattered.

This lucky guy took his ticket, grabbed his chair and headed to the glorious heat of his car to wait for the store to officially open.

I didn't like this guy. Not one bit. He came out and announced that all the laptop tickets were gone but we were welcome to wait another hour and then come in and shop around for other great deals.

Sure buddy, I'll get right on top of that.

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