Wednesday, February 9, 2011

10 Reasons I am Excited To Go North / Will Miss the South.

I'm leaving the snow-free south tomorrow to return to my new snowy homeland.

In honor of this momentous occasion I thought you would like to know how I feel about this.

The 10 Reasons I am Excited To Go North Mixed With the Reasons I Will Miss the South:

10. I'm excited to bust out my awesome new boots that I scored today for a whopping 70% off. That's right. I can't wait for someone to compliment my boots and ask where I got them. I'll tell them the boots are from the States and the jealousy will then seep from their pores.

9. There is a black dog that desperately needs her ears rubbed by the one that loves her more than anybody. Plus, there is probably drool that needs cleaning up from the other pup. The amount of drool produced by Hobie never ceases to amaze me.

8. Grits are not a delicacy served in Canada. Until the day I die I will contend that no greasy diner breakfast is complete without salty buttered grits. Amen.

7. While I'm sure The Canadian has been eating in my absence, I'm sure he's ready for a delicious homemade dinner that involves some veggies made by yours truly. One can only survive on frozen casseroles for so long.

6. I need to hear the sound of nails clicking on the hard wood floor. Mom? Dad? Are you listening? Get a dog! Please. I'm begging here. There is a little pup named Hawkeye out there just waiting to come home with you.

5. Dear Chick-fil-A, I will miss your sweet tea more than words can describe. I should write a letter and ask if they're willing to expand internationally. I'll do that just as soon as I'm done writing this blog.

4. It has been such a treat to drive a car without clearing the snow first, without maintaining a death grip on the wheel and without worrying about my windows freezing shut when I pull up through the drive-thru. But we all have a cross to bear, don't we?

3. The day before I left our beautiful new bedroom furniture was delivered. I spent all day putting on the new, dreamy bedding and arranging the books, clocks and drawers. I'm ready to enjoy the fruits of my labor and return to my comfy new bedroom. It's my favorite room in the house and I'm considering never leaving it. As long as I hire a cook and a maid I figure that shouldn't be a problem.

2. My mom's friends have been providing amazing meals every night while my mom has been recovering from her surgery. The food has been amazing and I can't thank them enough. However, there are not enough workout hours in the day to counter the deliciousness. Therefore, I retract my statement about living in my bedroom. I will be moving into the gym on a permanent basis.

1. I am excited to go home and see The Wonderful Canadian. I'll miss the south because I've had so much fun with my wonderful friends and parents. But let's be honest, I can be a lot to handle, so they probably won't (didn't) miss me as much as I'd like to think.

One last thing. I'm showing photos of the ocean because it's helping amp me up to return to a blizzard and record breaking amounts of snow. Please forgive me. I'm sure you understand. If you were going back to a frozen tundra you would want to fall asleep dreaming of the sunny beach too.

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