Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Ugliest Cupcake.

I had big plans to make my famous (not really) giant cupcake this weekend. I've been watching DC Cupcakes and had some new frosting ideas I was anxious to test out. 

I made up the cake in two different flavors because I was feeling a little frisky. Please ignore the lopsided-ness.

But my big attempt to frost the 'wrapper' didn't turn out so well...

Neither did the color. It sort of looks like intestines, doesn't it?

Even the sprinkles were a mess.

A hot mess. They were so embarrassed they jumped ship.

At least I only paid $0.29 for 5 years worth of sprinkles at my new favorite store, Bulk Barn.

And because they were so cheap I didn't feel bad about taking a handful...

And doing this. Sexy, eh?

Self portraits are much more exciting than cleaning up.

The results are just in. 
And the award for The World's Ugliest Giant Cupcake goes to...      
(drum roll)!

Thank you so much for being here to share in this special event with me. 
God bless.

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