Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines Chocolate Pretzels

It's almost Valentine's Day! It is a holiday that I have never really celebrated. Last year I was partying at my bachelorette party for this blessed day.  This year, in honor of my new husband, I thought I would make a little treat. 

I would love to claim this adorable creation as my own. But alas, I stole it fair and square from my wedding planner / my mom's dear friend, Barb. She made a batch for my dad and I shamelessly ate the entire bag. I don't think my dad got one.  I'm not kidding. In one day. It can only be described as an addiction. You'll see.

The beauty of this candy is you don't actually make anything. As in no mixers, bowls, spoons or anything. Just pile and melt. 

I followed Barb's very specific instructions, as she is a domestic queen and should never be questioned.

Collect the 3 ingredients. It took me four grocery stores. Barb's recipe called for regular seasonal m&m's. However, Canada is anti regular pink and red m&m's. I'm not sure what their deal is...

So we're settling for Spring Peanut m&m's. It should be fine. We'll just pick out the pink ones.

First unwrap the Hugs. Barb suggests completing this task while watching trashy TV. I agree.

She also recommends finding a helper that will not eat the chocolate. Since The Canadian is not capable of this, I sent him to run errands.

Pluck off the tips. 

Use your fingers. Get right in there.

Eat with a spoon. It would be abuse to throw away perfectly good chocolate.

Clean up the gigantic aluminum mess.

Line up Snyder's Mini Pretzels on parchment paper. Don't cheap out on the random brand. Barb says it will cause proportion problems. And who wants proportion problems, anyway? 

Place one Hugs on each pretzel. Centered. 

This is important. Carefully slide the baking sheet in the oven without Hugs falling off. 

Bake for 2 minutes at 350. Just enough to melt the chocolate a tad bit.

You're going to have to sacrifice an m&m to spread out the chocolate. I'm trying to cut down on dishes.

Push the chocolate into the pretzel holes on both sides. Then eat the m&m. It's okay, you have my permission.

Now grab the pink m&m's and drop one right on each pretzel. I only used one peanut m&m because of the size. If you are lucky enough to find regular m&m's put two on each pretzel. Much better that way. Plus, it's how Barb does it. I had to improvise with the peanut.

If chocolate spills over the edge, don't fret. It still tastes the same. But if you're a perfectionist, go ahead and eat it.

Let the candy cool for a minute before popping the sheet in the refrigerator. Let solidify for an hour or so. 

Do your best not to eat them all in one sitting. Try and save some for your boss, secretary, mail man, mechanic, best friend, family or your valentine. I'm sure they'll appreciate it.

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