Friday, February 25, 2011

Thank God It's Friday.

It's snowing. Again. Like, the biggest blizzard of the season. Like, 20 inches. Like 90 kph wind (translation: 56 mph).

This was yesterday, after a weeks worth of melting. I know you can see the sidewalk (that's not concrete, it's ice) but does it LOOK like we need anymore snow? Okay, no more talk about the weather. 

So, do you know what Maple spent her afternoon doing?

This. I was so angry I couldn't even hold the camera still.

That would be an entire box of chocolate muffin mix she found, destroyed and inhaled.

Who wants a dog? She's free to a good home. She even comes with her own fur coat. It only requires daily vacuuming.

I can't believe the little booger.

Look how sweet she was not 30 minutes before the muffin catastrophe.

Looks can be deceiving. Don't let that lazy dog exterior fool you.

And this mess? That came out of the bottom of my oven yesterday. Hello, mom? Why did you never tell me about the necessity of oven cleaning?

Seeing as I'm not at all interested in facing the blizzard I guess I'll be cleaning my oven and mopping my floor. Try not to be jealous of my fabulous life.

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