Monday, February 7, 2011

La Vie Est Belle

A couple of years ago my parents discovered a cute jewelry shop down in Seaside, Florida. La Vie Est Belle specializes in pearl necklaces and bracelets.

Naturally, being a June baby, pearls are my first choice for jewelry. And diamonds. But mostly pearls.

I know big fun necklaces are in style but it just isn't my thing. Pearls look better on me than plastic. I can't help it.

So my parents bought me a necklace from this funky artsy shop.

Then Maple ate a pearl.

Then I had it replaced.

Now I want another necklace.

I lied. I really want a ring. The black one in the back to be specific. See it? Third from the left. It looks really good on my finger.

The designer, Wendy, creates all the necklaces right there in Seaside.

Her husband Jean-Noel rolls all the leather.

They're a great example of teamwork. And love. Frankly, I find it inspiring.

They started selling their jewelry in one little case that sat in the tapas bar they own.

While living aboard their sailboat in the Caribbean they began working with South Sea pearls and designing jewelry.

The pieces are made of Freshwater cultured pearls.

Some are Tahitian pearls.

Some are golden, some are blue, some green.

All are gorgeous.

Now they live on land and own a shop, but still make their own art.

Excuse me. I would like one of everything. Thank you.

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