Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ode to the Cupcakes.

I love cupcakes. Especially from Gigi's.

I don't discriminate. I'm a lover, not a hater.

I love them from Kelly Kakes too.

Especially when the bakery looks like this.

Makes me want to host a tea party.

My 9 month pregnant best friend likes cupcakes too. She's covering her emotions by texting. 

She likes them so much she ordered four. She swears only two are for herself. I don't believe her.

Hello Peanut Butter Chocolate Goddess. I could drool stare at you all day.

Oh Black Forrest, don't feel left out.

I'm going to eat you first.

I know you're a little lopsided, Mr. Red Velvet, but isn't that what love is all about? Learning to love imperfections, I mean. It's what is on the inside that really matters.

A whole box other box of deliciousness? Dear Lord.

Is that mint I see? It is. I can smell it a mile away.

You're my new favorite. I wish I had waited for you. Don't worry, I'll get to you.

I'm not sure what flavor you are, but you're awfully pretty.

Hey Miss Mint. I can still smell you.

Oh, Peanut. I see you hiding back there.

Sweet Wedding Cake. I'll get married all over again if it means you'll be there.

Chocolate? We can hang out sometime, too.

You remind me of Valentines Day. Makes me miss The Canadian.

P.S. To The Canadian, Are you out there? If you are listening, I'll make cupcakes just as soon as I get home. I might even share them with you. Love, the Eskimo

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