Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Friend's Sweet New Baby Girl.

Once upon a time a girl went away to college. On her first night in the new surroundings she approached a friendly looking girl and asked her for directions. The girl did not have any friends in this new town but quickly made a friend with that simple question.

The new friends did everything together.

The friend made the girl's class schedule when the girl was too lazy to do so herself. The girl may have been lacking direction in life.

The friend bribed the girl into studying with candy as reward for a correctly answered review question. The girl may have been lacking motivation.

The friend split gas money with the girl for rides back home for the weekend. The friend may have been lacking the skills necessary to drive on the highway.

The girl dragged the friend out of the library to celebrate her 21st birthday at midnight. Again, the girl may have been lacking the drive to study.

The friend watched the last scene of Dirty Dancing over and over with the girl. Okay, the girl may have still been lacking the inspiration to learn.

The girl and the friend stood up for each other as bridesmaids when it was time to get married.

Today the girl got to hold the friend's brand new baby girl.

Then the girl got to watch a family meet each other for the first time.

Then the girl entertained her friend's son with a truck.

The son was not all that interested in his new sister. Where is his truck? A truck is much more fun that a new baby sister. Obviously.

Anyway, forget the truck.  That smile is pure joy and the girl loved watching her friend smile like that.

Note: I don't know who this 'girl' may be. It's surely not me as I was an extremely motivated and inspired student. I swear. I have 6 years of undergraduate transcripts to prove it.

Apologies for jumping between black and white to colored. I should have fixed it. There may be motivation issues here. Not that I would know anything about that.

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