Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Coolest Crayons Ever: Dry Erase.

Crayola has been around since the beginning of time. What a great company; they have inspired (I'm going to estimate) millions of young artists with their wide array of colors. Seriously, what kid hasn't started their artistic endevorers with Crayola crayons? Not only are the crayons quality, the colors are fantastic.

But Crayola has really out done themselves this time. Dry Erase Crayons? Amazing. Historic. Epic.

Gone are the days of pushing down on the marker so hard that the tip disappears.

Gone are the days of throwing the marker lid at the kid next to you.

 What we have here is every teacher/parent/grandparent/babysitter/aunt/ godparent/kid's dream.

They wipe off just like dry erase markers. They work on dry erase boards, mirrors, and even plastic plates. And they're washable. It's almost too good to be true.

Did I mention the package of 8 crayons comes with it's own mitten for cleaning? 

Oh, the back of the box has a handy sharpener too. What will they think of next?

Do you know any kids? I'm sure you do. Go out to your nearest WalMart, spend the $4 and you too can be a rockstar to all the kids in your life.

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