Friday, February 10, 2012

A Dog's Life.

Most days I don't envy Hobie at all. It must be boring to sleep twenty hours a day and have no social life. And it can't be fun to eat the same meal over and over again. Surely it's embarrassing to have no control over your drool. Typically, I am grateful that those are her crosses to bear and not mine.

But some days... Well, some days I would give my left arm if my most pressing issue was beating Maple to a renegade broccoli floret that lands on the floor. And if my biggest project was learning to lay in the middle of the dining room instead of in the middle of the doorway where no one can get by, well that would be just awesome. Not to mention that she doesn't seem to mind the fact that every day is a bad hair day.

But then I get a whiff of her after she returns from a walk through the muddles (puddles of mud). Suddenly I don't feel so bad about feeding her the same boring food every day.

You know what? I'll take my homework and chores if it means I can shower every day and not smell like a wet wool sweater for days on end. Plus, I really like my husband and this whole marriage thing. Last time I checked, canines are not yet allowed to get married in this country, so I'm just going to go ahead and pass on the whole dog's life-envy thing. I think I'll keep my life just the way it is. Anything to avoid drooling on myself.

PS - The green bean can hiding saga continues. Currently a can is perched on top of the pantry door frame, just high enough that a chair would have to be involved in its recovery. I'll leave that one idle for the time being. Yesterday I found a can stuffed in my running shoe, sitting in my gym bag. When I got to the gym I took out my running shoes only to find yet another can in the other shoe. You should have seen the looks I got in the locker room. TC will be in for a treat this weekend when laundry day rolls around. Don't you worry.

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  1. You two are entertaining! I hope this Green bean can hiding saga goes on for ever! Chris