Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Three Things.

1. After cleverly hiding cans of green beans all over the place last night I woke this morning to find them in my pajama drawer (yes, those are my pajama pants - it's patriotic), my coat pocket and a photo of them on my desktop screen. The war continues as I've hidden them again in his boots, under his pillow and a few other strategic locations. If all goes well TC should still be finding cans of green beans when spring rolls around.

2. You may have noticed yesterday that we have exactly one million Nalgene bottles. I purposely didn't bring it up because it's a bit of a sore spot around here. In his former single life TC had a bit of an addiction to the plastic bottles. I kid you not, when I moved in with him the Nalgene bottles were being used as decoration on the window sills of our guest bedroom. To this day they are hidden in trunks. They are buried in closets. They litter my pantry. I tried to box them up but that brought on WWIII because by limiting our immediate collection to 20 or so I was clearly trying to throw away all of his Earthly possessions. Alas, the Nalgenes remain and we just don't speak of them. This is me picking my battles. Take note.

3. I'm so buried under school work that I can't even see straight. Taking several online classes and working full time is severely limiting my photo-taking/finding-nonsense-things-to-blog-about time. With the exception of hiding green beans, of course. I think it's safe to say that the green beans will never fulfill their goal of being donated.

Over and out.

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