Wednesday, February 15, 2012

In The Woods.

Maple is sick. I'm sure you can tell by how pathetic and lethargic she seems. Clearly, the bag of trash she enjoyed the other day did not sit well in her belly. Thanks to our lovely neighbors she left me several lovely presents on the floor yesterday. Remind me to send them a card. 

Yesterday, The Canadian and I decided to forgo the usual Valentine's Day hoopla and take the dogs for a nice walk in the woods. We probably should have busted out the snowshoes but we decided to be tough and just wear boots. 

Maple had a wonderful time destroying as many sticks as possible. She sprinted back and forth, all across the trails searching for the perfect stick. Once she would find it, she would lay down in the snow and do her best to create wood chips in a matter of seconds.

Obviously another critter has been enjoying the trees as well. Not to worry, we didn't see the little guy. I'm sure Maple and her scary ways kept him at bay. She's fierce like that.

The trail we were attempting to follow happens to be one of TC's favorite biking trails. Unfortunately most of it is being cleared for new houses, as evidenced by the bull dozers we could hear in the distance. I read in the paper that our town has grown by 26% in the last three years so I guess they're going to have to make room for all these new folks at the expense of our biking and walking trails.

Lucky for TC several of the biking obstacles (what do you call those things?) were still intact.

He went back and forth, back and forth, trying to coax the dogs to climb on. No such luck. They ain't as stupid as they look.

It was nice to take a random afternoon walk though the woods with my favorite guy and the two monsters. It helps to ease the pain of a long winter.

The Bailey's in my coffee helped too. It makes me feel like I just may survive until Spring after all. 

If these "warm" temperatures keep up we might just have to trade in our parkas and coffee for bathing suits and margaritas. Fingers crossed.

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