Thursday, February 2, 2012


Well my non-wish came true. No work today! The first snow day of the year. In February. Strange, I tell ya. After last winter I must say this year has been fairly manageable, snow wise. Today made up for it though. We got pummeled. A solid foot of snow in the yard. It snowed for just over 16 straight hours. Imagine a torrential down pour of rain. Add in some wind. Picture it lasting forever. Now turn the raindrops from a liquid to a solid. That's what it was like.

This time last year we were completely buried in snow. The snow banks from where the plows cleared the road were so high that you couldn't see over them. They were so wide that most roads were as narrow as a one way street.

But this year there has been very little snow and when we've gotten snow it has melted within a week. Yesterday I could see the grass. The roads were completely clear. Today? Not so much. The snow banks from plowing are about five feet high.

All morning you could hear the hum of snow blowers going all over the neighborhood. We're not that gung-ho in this house. It wasn't until this afternoon that TC pulled on his parka, snow pants and boots to head out to deal with our driveway. Of course the snow blower broke no less than three times and he slipped and fell on ice once. Poor guy, I don't envy him in the least.

Being the good Southern wife that I am, I try to hold firm to our marriage vows that clearly relieve me of any snow removal duty. After a few hours my guilt got the best of me and I suited up to help with some shoveling. My timing was impeccable. Just as I stepped outside and picked up a shovel he parked the snow blower for the afternoon. Whatever, at least I tried. It's the thought that counts.

He's a better person that I. Do you know that wonderful husband of mine even cleared our neighbor's driveway? God, I've got good taste. Except for that whole throwing-his-wife-in-the-snow thing, he's just perfect.

While he did good work this afternoon, it simply wasn't enough. As fast as he was clearing the snow, more snow was falling. So now, six hours later the snow has finally stopped attacking and he's back out there for one last run. It's either now or at 6am tomorrow before work.

Clearly, all of you in the southern states are pretty jealous right now. You'll probably be even more envious in the morning when I have to get up ten minutes earlier than usual just to dig out my car, while you're still snoozin' in your warm bed. But just remember this, who got a day off of work today? That's right. This girl.

Note: Clearly I had too much time on my hands today and put some more effort into figuring out the maze that is Photoshop. Thank you in advance for tolerating the ridiculous photos you'll be seeing during the foreseeable future. Pray that one day I actually figure out what the heck I'm doing.

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