Thursday, February 23, 2012

What I Need.

While the rest of North America is apparently experiencing a heat wave today, it is snowing here. Well, it might be rain. No. I just peeked out the window and looked under the street light. Definitely snow.


Here's what I need:

Sand. Preferably between my toes. Not beach sand. The kind of sand that makes up Florida streets, that Florida grass grows in. The kind of sand that you have to sweep up every day because you track it inside on your sandals. Sandals? What are those? I don't even know anymore.

Short sleeves. Really, I think my arms are suffering from Vitamin D deficiency. It's a legitimate medical condition caused by sweaters and parkas. I'm just looking for a little breeze on the ole elbows...nothing major.

Wavy hair. Nothing a little warm weather and humidity can't fix. It's been months that I've been religiously drying and straightening my hair daily. I'm over it. My arm hurts. I've burned through two hair dryers. But I can't stop until it warms up another million degrees. Negative temperatures and wet hair  are only a good combination if you want your hair to freeze and snap right off your head. Now that would totally be a good look.

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