Monday, February 13, 2012

It's Like Antarctica.

I would like to point out the temperature this morning.

This is how jaded I have become -- I didn't think -19C was too miserable. Sure, it's cold but no colder than it was a week or so ago.

See, I'm from the South which means 1) I only deal in Fahrenheit and 2) I only know warmer temperatures.

Seriously cold temperatures just don't exist in the Florida and Georgia so I have no reference for what 20F feels like. The only truly cold temperatures I have ever experienced have been here in Canada, in Celsius.

What I'm trying to say is that -19C is cold. I know that. However, I didn't know just how cold it was until I made a fatal mistake this morning. I hit the Fahrenheit button in my car.

HOLY CRAP! -3 degrees!

I almost had a meltdown. I'm not sure I really knew negative Fahrenheit temperatures existed outside of Antarctica.

In that moment, I went from being regular cold to being so damn cold that I almost had to go crawl back in bed, call in sick and immediately book a flight to Miami.

I felt like the icicles in my nose were slowly suffocating me.

I was convinced my finger tips were black with frostbite.

I was sure that when I took my feet out of my boots my toes would be left behind, frozen to the fur lining.

I knew, I just knew, that there was no way I was possibly going to make it to work without dying a frosty death.

It's crazy how the same temperature became exponentially worse when it was put into a language I understood. For my own mental stability I will never, I repeat never, convert low temperatures to Fahrenheit again.

Amazingly, I did survive, toes and fingers and nasal parts intact. Apparently I'll live to see another frosty day.

Maybe tomorrow I'll embrace the cold and go snowshoeing.

Better yet, maybe I'll build a snowman!

Nothing says Happy Valentine's Day like drinking hot chocolate with Baileys while building a snowman with my favorite Canadian.

Dear TC, Can you please pick up some Bailey's tomorrow? Loooooove you. 

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