Sunday, February 12, 2012


Saturday was designated as a a school work day for me. A snow storm was coming so the plan was for The Canadian to head out skiing while I stayed home for some peace and quiet study time. This was the perfect arrangement, skiing in a storm isn't really my thing and I had a lot of work to do.

When Serge arrived to pick up TC the weather wasn't working in their favor. As in, it was raining. Pretty much the opposite of good ski weather. The boys settled in to watch the radar and even did a quick snow dance. Why did I not get a video of that?!

While they were waiting for the weather to change they decided to entertain themselves with a few rounds of dominos. I can't resist a good game, so homework went out the window and I put my game face on.

Do y'all play Mexican Train? Greatest game ever, I tell ya.

I was first introduced to it at a weekend-long bachelorette party a few years ago. From there I took the game back to my friends in Florida where we spent many a night playing dominos in the humid evenings, sitting on the porch and drinking beer. TC and I have now brought it to Canada. At this point I think most of our friends have their own set of dominos.

Each person takes a bunch of dominos to start and the object is to get rid of your dominos first. This is accomplished by laying down your dominos one at a time to form a 'train' of dominos.

Occasionally, you won't be able to play which allows the other players the opportunity to lay dominos on your perfectly planned out train. This can be a good thing or a bad thing.

Strategy is definitely involved but there is a good bit of luck involved too. When I'm winning, it's my favorite game on Earth. When I'm loosing, I never ever want to play it agin and it's the stupidest game of all time. Usually, it's the ladder.

Anyway, in the midst of our friendly competition the temperature dropped and the rain slowly turned to snow. Eventually, Serge was satisfied that the storm was rolling in and the boys headed out to the mountain.

I begged and I pleaded but they insisted I be a good little student and get my essays written. Party poopers.

Trying to further delay their departure I made them pose for a parting photo.

They're so mature.

Hey! Hey! You don't have to look so excited to be leaving me all by my lonesome. Jeez.

And if you're wondering, the green bean game continues. Imagine my surprise when I pulled my scarf off the hat rack only to have it slam into the wall. Last I checked, cashmere doesn't 'slam' into anything.

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