Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'm Never Eating Chocolate Again.

I stole the last Werther's last night. Then I felt bad and wanted to give it back. 

TC is a better person that I, seeing as he left it on the counter for me this morning when he found it taped to the back door.

You know you've got a good man when he shows up with flowers on Valentine's Day.

Even better when it's an arrangement with tons of bright, springy colors, just the way you like it.

Add some chocolates into the mix, forget about going to the gym and you've got a great Valentine's day.

Especially if your husband heard your prayers and brought Bailey's and coffee home with him.

The plan to build a snowman didn't pan out -- crappy snow, I guess. Too bad because I had a red potato cut up for the nose.

Not one to waste perfectly good alcohol (that would be abuse), we took our coffees out for a little walk in the woods.

Nothing like drunk stumbling though the snow with your beloved.

Just kidding, we weren't drunk and we weren't stumbling. Man, give me some credit.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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