Friday, April 13, 2012

10 Layer Cake is the New 14 Layer Cake.

I love my husband, but I'm really glad birthday weekend is over.

Seriously, last weekend I made three birthday cakes in four days.

It's like I'm the Queen of Cake. The Mayor of Mixer. The Friar of Frosting.

Well, I would be if I didn't make the ugliest cakes on the planet.

I'm convinced that I have a genetic defect that causes my ugly cakes.

No one else's cakes look lopsided like mine.

But maybe that is because no other amateur tries to make these elaborate pieces of art.

Ha, I might be on to something here.

I mean, only a magician can make a 14 layer cake magically come out as a 10 layer cake.

Maybe baking isn't my calling. Maybe its magic.


Its baaaaack. The return of the daily workout. I know you're excited.

Cardio: Elliptical - 30 min, TM - 15 min; Weights: triceps, abs, upper back

Please feel free to yell at me if I slack off OR make any more cakes. In my defense, I didn't eat much of the cake because Hobie got to it before I could have a second slice. Damn dog.


  1. it looks like you made a cake out of a stack of pancakes

  2. So I was thinking about your workout woes...what about swimming? Water aerobics isn't really a workout (at least for me), but swimming can be kick butt...I can send you some workouts if you need them!