Monday, April 9, 2012

Birthday Day.

Bright and early on Saturday morning The Canadian hopped out of bed and asked if he could finally open up his birthday presents.

Imagine his surprise when the first thing he opened was a lid - with no pot. That's what you get when you lose a lid, buddy.

I'm not that mean. He also got an outdoorsy flask to match his thermos, the Steve Jobs book and some sweet new shades.

I picked out the shades online and just about had a heart attack when I opened the package and discovered they were part of the Dale Jr. Collection. Not cool, Spy. Not cool at all. 

I promptly shoved the glasses on TC's face before he could notice the Dale Jr. signature on the inside. 

Shhhh...don't tell him.

After opening birthday presents we went for a birthday drive in his birthday sunglasses.

We went to the birthday market where TC ran into his best friend. Jackson clearly didn't get the memo that it is Easter weekend and not Halloween. 

Since Jackson had to work a 24 hour shift he wasn't going to be able to make it to the birthday party. The Canadian told him we would start a small fire around midnight so he'd have a reason to come over.

Then he looked at me and said, "Don't let me do that.

"Okay," I said, "but there is only so much I can do."

Next, TC had birthday breakfast with his good friend Adam.

Then he and Maple went for a birthday skateboard ride. 

Meanwhile, I destroyed a giant birthday cupcake.

I'm never, repeat never, making a giant cupcake again. They're ugly and messy.

I don't need a cupcake making me feel bad about myself.

Then our dear friend Mike stopped by with a sorry-we-can't-come-to-the-party-because-we're-responsible-parents-who-have-to-play-Easter-Bunny-tonight gift. 

Nothing says 'I'm sorry, have fun at your party' like a bottle of 110 proof alcohol. Thanks, Mike and Christina. Thanks a lot.

Are y'all familiar with Absinthe? 

Its the drink of the Devil. I don't care if you dissolve a sugar cube over a fancy spoon. It's neon green and tastes like black liquorice. 

Disgusting or not, all birthday parties require a birthday cheers to the birthday boys.

We eventually lit the birthday cake and there was a split second there that I thought I was going to have to call Jackson and the rest of the fire department. Luckily, Tyler and TC blew out the birthday candles just in time. 

I love our group of friends. Everyone is so laid back and friendly. For a bunch of 30-something year olds they're a lot of fun...and usually well behaved.

But then this happened...

I again thought that the night was going to end up in a 911 call to the fire department.

Thankfully, no one lit a match and the drinks didn't go up in flames.

So, let's recap.

Presents + Market + Skateboarding + Giant Cupcake + Absinthe = No Fire Department

I call that a good birthday.

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