Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Season of Maple Syrup.

Once upon a time six friends, two kids and two large dogs set out on a walk in the woods.

The temperatures were nice that day, though it was a bit muddy from the melting snow.

As they walked through the woods, a sign appeared. It announced that maple syrup was near!

"Woohoo!" they shouted together.

Even the littlest one gave a faint smile.

As the friends noticed their surroundings, lines of blue tubing became clear. They knew this meant that maple syrup was near.

They peeked in and saw the buckets were filling, full of sweet sap that awaited collection.

As they kept walking, voices began to fill the air. Soon enough the sugar shack was in sight.

People were milling around, waiting for the next batch of warm syrup to be poured over the snow.

Each friend payed their toonie and took their beloved popsicle stick to roll the syrup into a lollipop.

The oldest girl ate her maple lollipop as she happily frolicked through the mud, all the while trying to keep her sweets safe from the big dog.

I wandered through the cabin in search of the perfect bottle of syrup. Alas, it was not to be.

When the friend's adventure came to a close they headed back down the same path they had ventured.

Just then the little girl lost her footing in the mud and took a spill. Never fear, daddy to the rescue. He wiped off the mud and dried her tears. 

The friends, kids and dogs returned from the woods. They all slept soundly that night dreaming of mud and maple.

The End.

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