Monday, April 2, 2012

Water, Water Everywhere.

Does anyone else find this a little odd?

I'm pretty sure this isn't normal.

It's definitely not very green either. A bit on the wasteful side if you ask me.

What would you do if you noticed the fire hydrant at the end of your street was spouting water everywhere, for hours? Call the fire department? Walk down the street in your after-work sweat pants and take photos all while looking like a maniac? No? Yeah, me neither.

Where are the barefoot neighborhood kids from a Normal Rockwell painting? Shouldn't they be running back and forth through the water?!

Would you take a detour on your way to the store just so you could get a free tire wash? 

Aaaaaand this is the face The Canadian makes when I take his picture as he drives through the water. He loves it. 

According to my dear husband, the city likes to flush out all the pipes after every winter to get rid of all the muck...or something like that. 

Meanwhile, I'd like to give a shout out to the powers that be who felt the need to flush the water lines today. 

Because of you my toilet has been filling with black dirt all afternoon.  

Because of you I thought a very dirty dog had crept into my house and drank out of the toilet. 

Because of you I thought that I was peeing black dirt and had a minor heart attack. 

Thanks for that.

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