Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Celebrating Two Years of Wedded Bliss.

Hello! Giant picture of me and TC. Whoa!

This is our two year anniversary photo. Last year we snapped a photo of ourselves, in the very same spot, with TC wearing the very same shirt. We vowed to take a photo of ourselves on every anniversary and keep them all in one spot so we can eventually have a nice collection and see how things have changed over the years. Pretty cheesy, eh?

I got home from work today and found a bouquet of my favorite daisies sitting on the counter, complete with two roses - one for each year. TC said if I play my cards right then next year I'll get three roses. 

Fingers crossed.

Two years ago when we got married I thought I knew TC like the back of my hand. Despite living in different countries for five years and only spending our summers together, I thought I knew all of his habits.

As it turns out, I was unaware of his inability to shut a cabinet door.

He was unaware of my inability to put my shoes away.

I was unaware of how deep his love runs for his Nalgene collection.

He was unaware of my obsession with vacuuming everyday.

However, the first two years of our marriage have been amazing. 

I love sitting down to dinner at the actual dinner table every night and discussing how our days went.

I love our ritual of heading to the Market on Saturday mornings.

I love that he does his own laundry every Sunday morning before we head out to breakfast.

I love that we work in the same profession but have completely different jobs.

I love that he still brings me flowers every month.

I love that we still go to camp in Maine every summer and enjoy every second of it.

I love that he pays the bills and buys the dog food.

I love that I do the grocery shopping and organizing.

I love that he supports my school, running, obsessive photo taking, and blogging.

I love that he sails, skateboards, bikes and works on his truck.

Basically, I just love the guy.

**wedding photos from Anna and Spencer Photography, Atlanta
**the two craptastic photos at the top are compliments of me, myself and I


  1. Happy Anniversary! I love the first wedding pic you posted!
    Have you thought about next year taking a picture of you two holding the picture from this year?!?

  2. Very sweet, Happy Anniversary! XOXO

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary and quite sure you had an awesome party. It’s my cousin’s wedding in couple of weeks and arranging at one of iconic NYC wedding venues. Hope to have an awesome party there.