Monday, October 29, 2012

It's The Thought That Counts.

I've made Hershey Kiss Pretzels with m&m's before. And they've always turned out great. They're easy. They're delicious and they're pretty cute.

So, I thought I'd make some for TC to bring in as a treat tomorrow. You see, he has a secret pumpkin (kindda like secret Santa) at work so he has to bring in a small gift every day this week. I was trying to help a brother out and avoid him being that guy that just shows up with a Snickers bar. You know that guy, don't you?

Everything was going swimmingly. I thought I was being especially creative using caramel kisses. In the past I've used Hugs but caramel kisses seemed more Halloweenish to me. Maybe because of the orange wrappers? I don't know.

Anyway, as it turns out, caramel kisses are not conducive to making these little treats.

For one, they don't melt well. Two, the caramel sticks everywhere and never really solidifies. Three, they're ugly.

But don't worry, they are still delicious. Maybe even more delicious than Hugs.

Moral of the story: when your edible gifts don't work out because they're dysfunctional and ugly, at least you have something delicious to keep for yourself and eat as a midnight snack.

Let's hope I have more luck in my pumpkin carving endeavours tomorrow night.

Side note: Prayers and good luck to those in the path of Sandy. My sister just lost power in NYC. When I texted her to see if she was drunk yet (she's not) she told me, "'re eating battery." Apparently she's fine and hasn't lost her rudeness.

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