Thursday, October 18, 2012

Six Important Things.

1. The leaves are still on fire. I would like this to last as long as possible. The reason is simple - the longer it is fall, the later it becomes winter. Do you think maybe we can just forgo that whole winter thing this year? I could really do without all the snow and cold. Please and thank you.

2. TC's dog is the laziest canine alive. Everyday when I come home from work she doesn't budge from her spot on the floor. She doesn't even open her eyes. Not even a tail flop. Like, to the point that I have to look really close to make sure her chest is still rising and falling as she breathes. Slacker.

3. I have a new obsession with dresses. If I could never wear another pair of dress pants I would be a happy girl. I have this great navy and turquoise dress that I love but it needs tights or leggings, which begs the question - what color? I'm fashionably challenged. Grey? Navy? Black?

Please advise.

Oh, and boot color?

Send help.

4. Not only did I get a pumpkin spice latte the other day but I got it from our brand new, one and only, REAL Starbucks on the other side of town. Ya know, not the kind that's in a book store - a real one. Just like in America.

My life is now complete.

5. I've somehow managed to get a giant nail in my tire. My sister suggested taking it into the shop while wearing a low cut shirt. Apparently it worked for her and they plugged her tire for free. I have standards and wore normal clothes and low and behold they said it couldn't be fixed and I need a new tire. Do you think if I just leave it there it will magically heal itself?

6. I am a new woman! Six months later and six inches shorter, my hair is finally manageable again. It's amazing what a hair cut can do. Without any prompting, all the kindergartners at school today told me I looked pretty. Meanwhile, not a single adult noticed. Even though they pick their noses and can barely spell their own names, kids are smart.


  1. 6 more things:
    1. your feet look unusually tiny in that first photo. And you live in Canada, winter is COMING, man up
    2. Leave poor Hobie alone, it is REALLY hard to be that giant and furry, takes a lot of energy!
    3. navy tights, brown boots, skinny belt in a bright color. I dont care if you dont like skinny belts
    4. congrats on ur Canadian Starbucks!!!!!!!!!!
    5. thanks for outting me and my low cut shirt theory...
    6. pretty hair!!

  2. 6 more:
    1. It's still in the 70s-80s here...jealous?
    2. Better than my dogs who act like maniacs when you get home and act like they have been trapped in their crates for weeks.
    3. Black or navy tights, grey boots and I agree with the skinny belt. I don't like mixing blacks and brown. A bright pink belt would add a pop of color to that dress!
    4. This is why I will never move to we need to send Starbucks coffee in your Christmas present?
    5. Low cut theory works...just saying...
    6. Haircuts always make me feel better too
    6a. Marissa, where is your blog post?!?