Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekend Highlights.

It was gorgeous out on Friday. Like, windows down, music blasting, spring is in the air, gorgeous. Except it's fall. And spring is a whole winter away.

Saturday afternoon I moseyed on over to the Legs for Literacy Race Expo to pick up my bib and race kit. About a month ago, before I started regular physical therapy for my leg, I signed up to run the 5k as an attempt to get back into running. This is the biggest race in town with a 5k, 10k, 1/2 marathon and full marathon that is a Boston qualifier for all the local badasses. I just wanted in for the super cool long sleeve tech shirt we got.

After scoring my sweet new running shirt I headed to the mall for new tights to go with my turquoise dress (thanks for the suggestions, btw!). Unfortunately I was sporting my old Tennessee Vols gameday t-shirt and didn't exactly fit in. I forgot that the mall is a fashion show and everyone is required to look their absolute best. I got out of there asap.

Saturday night TC and I headed over to our friends house for a little party. I love their cute house and I love their red door. We had a great time hanging out and stayed out way to late.

Which lead to this...


Didn't wake up, didn't run. I need my beauty sleep. I am officially the Mayor of Lameville.

In my defense, I haven't been running at all and I'm not even cleared to run further than 2.5 miles, so clearly 3.1 would have been catastrophic.

Instead, TC and I went out for a super late breakfast and sat next to a bunch of people sporting their race shirts and talking about how great the run was.

Hi, I'm the Mayor.

In an effort to redeem myself I set out on a 3 mile run this afternoon. Really, if someone would schedule races to be in the afternoon they would probably have a better turnout. My run was a total fail. My shin was seizing the entire time and I was sure it was going to erupt in flames. I stopped at an unusual amount of stop signs to stretch it before finally limping home.

I've decided I need a quick and easy breakfast in my life so I made a batch of deliciousness today. Gimme a few days to test it out and then I'll let you in on the recipe. 

Because it is Sunday, we headed over to TC's families house tonight for our usual dinner. Our little niece was in an especially good mood tonight and spent the tail end of dinner underneath the table and tickling my feet. Her curls kills me.

I'm about to turn in my final homework assignment for the day and then enjoy a lovely glass of Sweetheart wine, straight from the vineyards of Rockport, Maine. 

Here's to a good Monday and an even better week!

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