Sunday, January 2, 2011

Traditional Trees

The Canadian and I have been celebrating the holidays in Atlanta with my family for the last ten days. Hence, my lack of posting. Not to worry, I've been clicking away and acting like a tourist so I will have plenty to show you when I get back to real life in a few days.

In the meantime I'll give you a peak into today's field trip. We headed to Atlanta's science museum, Fernbank. The museum is loaded with dinosaurs, hands-on demonstrations and an IMAX theater. However, it was also hosting a tree festival featuring 17 Christmas trees, each decorated in a different country's theme.

Japan's tree was covered in delicate origami birds and other creations.

The Peruvian tree had lots of dolls, hats and bamboo flutes.

This tree was decorated in Filipino angels. It was gorgeous.

The Switzerland tree was covered in....chocolate. Lindor, to be specific. How appropriate.

This tree was loaded with traditional Turkish evil eyes. Some were plain, some were turned into characters.

And then there was the Canadian tree - covered in the Canada's very unique and delicate and precious flags.

The Canadian was not impressed.  When I asked him how he would have decorated the Canadian tree he replied, "I would have used normal an American tree."  Man, wouldn't that have been original?

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