Saturday, January 8, 2011

Atlanta: BlaBla

I. Am. Obsessed.

I know the trip to Atlanta was about exploring and seeing family. And I know that's what I've been telling you about...but I have to get this out of my system. We took a side trip to the most amazing store ever - BlaBla.

I was introduced to these amazing dolls by some little girls I met last summer. I immediately got online and tracked down a BlaBla for my my close friend, Amy, who was pregnant with her sweet baby boy. Turns out, as usual, I live under a rock. I thought I had made some amazing discovery but, alas, BlaBla has been around for a while now. I'm just slow on the uptake. Don't judge.

BlaBla dolls are the cutest things ever. The company is based in a trendy part of Atlanta but the dolls are made down in Peru. Man, those Peruvians can knit! The dolls are super soft and lovable and the best part is they are washable. Perfect for little kids. I want to buy them all. My poor niece is going to have a collection whether she likes it or not.

The designs are so adorable but my favorite part are the names of each "character."

This is Anenome the Mermaid. She has a sister, Coral the Mermaid, that has a pink tail. Or are they legs? I'm not sure what that part of the mermaid body is called really.

This is Pumpkin Girl and mini Pumpkin Girl. Did I mention that every doll comes in two sizes? I prefer the bigger size, but I understand how the mini is more manageable for small hands to carry around.

Oh my Lord, Sandwich the Cat, you're my fave.

That was a lie. Lulu the Flower, you're my true fave.

Maybe that's because my first baby sitter was Aunt Lulu. I loved her.

Roar! Leonardo the Lion. See? Unisex appeal.

Hi, Chloe the Butterfly. You are hysterical. I wish you could see her wings. They're pinky redish.

How do you choose? Basil the Bunny or Lemonade the Dog or Andiamo the Dog?

The Canadian and I have already given our niece Lulu the Flower (I chose her). This time The Canadian got to choose her BlaBla. Can you tell? Not an ounce of pink...

Antionette the Queen....bow down, people. I love her. Although I do also love her friend, Clochette the Fairy. I can't believe I don't have her photo. I could have sworn...I swear I'm loosing my mind. Please let me know if you find it...

Maybe not the most creative name - Coco Girl. She's like the BlaBla version of the American Girl doll. She has a whole wardrobe - an outfit for every occasion.

Hercule the Elephant is one of the many manly dolls. He hangs around with Buzz the Bee and Hootie the Owl. All very manly, of course.

Oh goodness, the monkeys make me laugh. The best is Clementine the Monkey. Guess which one he is. I'll give you a hint. It's my favorite color.

And these are the boogaloos. They're just weird, random creatures that make you smile.

And look how cute this little backpack is!

And the booties and matching hat! Every baby needs these, I'm telling you.

Oh, the sweaters and t-shirts are so soft and sweet...I want them in my size.

Basically, I want the whole store. I would sleep in a bed of BlaBlas if someone would buy them for me.

Go on now. You know you've got a friend with a baby, or a baby of your own, or a grandbaby, or a niece or nephew or someone who needs a BlaBla in their life. I mean, my mother bought one "just in case of an emergency." Like someone is going to have a baby unexpectedly or something. News flash: babies take nine months to cook, mom. You'd think she would know these things, being a nurse and all...

Go forth and conquer the BlaBla!

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  1. They have a cat that looks JUST like Loopy, if he were a girl. I registered for it anyways :-)