Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Little Snowman

As I've mentioned before, The Canadian and I have been in Atlanta for the holidays. It was The Canadian's first Christmas with my family and my family's first Christmas at home in three years.  We just got back home to our igloo tonight, but did we ever have a good time down South. I'm going to tell you all about it in the coming days...just not tonight. I'm too tired.

I just wanted to quickly let you know what made me laugh a little when we rolled back into the great white north today - the thought of this little snowman. We saw this guy in Atlanta, down the street from my parents house. You see, Atlanta got about an inch of snow on Christmas day - the first white Christmas since 1882. Obviously, this was cause for sledding, making snow angels and building snowmen. With only about an inch of snow on the ground your snowman can only be so big. This little guy (gal) lasted for days, long after the snow on the ground had melted.

Anyway, we left Canada 11 days ago with no snow on the ground. We got to Atlanta and it snowed. Then it melted. Then we got back to Canada with piles and piles of snow. The stairs have 8 inches. The yard has a foot. The sidewalks are lined with 5 foot deep piles. This is why God invented Uggs.

The punch line is that in Atlanta you need an inch of snow for a proper snowman and in Canada two feet of snow is not worthy...I haven't seen a single snowman yet. That maybe because everyone was too busy digging themselves out of their driveway. Gee, I'm so glad to be back...

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