Friday, January 21, 2011

Pier 1 Chalkboard Glass Puzzle

I have a puzzle for you. I'm going to show several words that are out of order. Your job is to put them in order. 

Ready, Go.

Did you figure it out?

Keep thinking. 

I'll wait.

Drum roll, please.

The Answer is To Becca, Yay for your house! Love, Julie, Carla & Kate

Isn't this the cutest collection ever? These aren't for me and The Canadian - I've already got a set from Pier 1 that I absolutely love. They're fun because it's always interesting to see what creative nicknames people come up with to write on their glass.

You guessed it, these are for Becca. I'm a firm believer in giving gifts that are tried and true, and most importantly, things that I love. Really, who doesn't want a carafe, wine glasses and beer glasses with chalkboards on them? They even come with their own chalk. Actually, two pieces per glass because it breaks so easily. Especially if your glass used to be filled with wine. Wink, wink.

As you can tell, Julie, Carla and I are going to Becca's housewarming party tomorrow night. She just bought an amazing house. I can't wait to see the inside since the outside is so gorgeous. The housewarming party is disguised as a girls night out, so no boys allowed.

Man, I am so proud of my creativity with the gift. 

Oh, but I'm not done with my creativity. Nope. I decided to channel my inner Martha. You should probably sit down for this, or put on a helmet or something, because I'm about to blow your mind with my brilliant, simple creativity.


I wrapped the glasses up and popped them in a nice brown box. I'm all about the au natural look.

Then I took my pink zig-zag scissors and trimmed the edges of paper to make a card. If you don't have zig-zag scissors you should consider investing. They're a whopping $1.99 at Michael's. It's the cheapest way to appear Martha-ish.

Then I chose another piece of paper from the stack of scrap paper. A bag of scrap paper at Target is around $5 - the second cheapest way to appear Martha-ish. And one bag will last ten years, minimum. I just can't bring myself to pay for cheesy Hallmark cards. I probably should, I just can't. Well, I do for weddings. And babies. But that's it.

Then I tied some brown rafetta around the box. This is much better than using wrapping paper. Mainly, because it gives it that au natural look that I like. Secondly, because I am miserable at wrapping boxes. The corners get me every single time. Thirdly, because it will just get wet in the snow and fall apart. 

Where were we? 

Oh, punch a hole. Yet another big investment. $0.99 - only the finest around here.


What? I brought the cutest gift? Oh, it was nothing really.

Really, I didn't even bother to wrap it.

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