Friday, January 21, 2011

Yellow Shovel Saves the Day.

All I wanted to do was run to the pet store really fast. It hadn't snowed too much so I figured the roads would be alright.

I made it half way down the driveway when I came upon a small obstacle. Nothing major, just your average mountain of ice.

Apparently the plow had gone by and I hadn't noticed. Did you know that plows keep their plow at an angle? That way the snow is continually pushed off to the side - right in line to block the driveway. Not usually a problem when The Canadian is home...but during the afternoon it only means one thing.

That I have to shovel. 

This isn't just snow. 

It's slush. 

It's ice. 

It's dirt. 

It's heavy.

This better count as my workout for the day.

Thirty minutes later, this is what I had accomplished. Not much. Where was The Canadian? Why does he have to go to work to make a living? I was starting to think that the dogs were going to have to go hungry, because I wasn't going to make it to the store.

But then a vision of yellow appeared! I could almost hear the angels singing.

Our trusty, teenage neighbor, James, brought out his heavy duty push-shovel to help me. And it's yellow - like a ray of Florida sunshine shining against the Canadian sludge. It's perfect for the really big chunks that are to big to stay on a regular shovel.

With Super Shoveling Neighbor, we managed to get the job done with out me resigning my Canadian residency. Seriously, what if I had been in a hurry? Late for a hair appointment? Or on my way somewhere really, really important? 

Look at all the snow I moved. My forearms are still shaking.

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