Monday, January 24, 2011

Oh, Snap! Cold Snap.

Every Sunday morning The Canadian and I go out for breakfast with our good friend, Tyler. This morning was no different - except for one thing - the temperature.

When I stepped outside it was cold, but that isn't unusual. However, within seconds the strangest thing happened. All of the sudden I felt the inside of my nose get (this is going to sound gross, sorry) crusty. But not with crust, with ice. The inside of my nose was literally freezing and turning to little ice crystals. It made me want to run inside, blow my nose and go back to my warm bed. And never get out again.

This morning the temperature reached it's lowest point yet for this winter. Apparently, only when it is cold enough to cause nose crystals, is it 'officially cold'. Oooookay. I thought it was cold 15 degrees ago. I must have been mistaken.

When I checked the forecast tonight, I thought it looked cold, but actually not too bad...seriously, zero would be glorious right now. But then I realized I was looking at Fahrenheit.

Celsius is....what word am I looking for? Daunting. Intimidating. Scary. Have you ever seen numbers this low? Have you ever lived in numbers this low? Did I mention that with the wind chill tomorrow it is going to feel like -35C?

The temperature is going to keep dropping this week as the cold snap rolls in. I've been told that frozen nose crystals aren't a big deal - I need to watch out for frozen eyelids. Maybe it will get cold enough this week that my lids will actually stick together when I blink. I'm going to have to get a photo of that.

I didn't think you'd appreciate a photo of my nostrils. You're welcome.

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