Tuesday, January 11, 2011


After our epic journey to Nashville, I thought The Canadian had a new found respect for football. I thought we were making progress.

This is the conversation we had when he got home from work today.

TC: What do you want to do tonight, darling?

Me: Well, I wanted to watch the football game.

TC: Oh, that's right. The final is on.

(Note: He is Canadian. He can't help it.)

Me: (giggling) You're speaking hockey. We call it the championship game.

TC: Noooo, I'm speaking English. And it is the final game, right?

Me: Do you remember who's playing?

TC: (blank stare, wheels turning)

Me: Auburn and Oregon.

TC: I knew that. Auburn has the controversial guy, right?

Me: Yup. So, do you know what state Auburn is from?

TC: Georgia?

Me: Nope.

TC: Florida?

       North Carolina? 
      South Carolina?

(Note: We're doing well. He at least named southern states and not Nevada or Idaho or something obscure.)

Me: Alabama.

TC: I knew that.

Me: We're cheering for Auburn, okay? They're in our conference and you always cheer for your conference. Do you know what conference we are in?


Me: SEC.

(Note: At least he came up with a football related acronym.)

TC: I knew that.

Me: Do you know what Auburn's mascot is?

TC: Hawks? They're all hawks.

       No, dogs? They're all dogs.

       Something to do with fire? You know, Auburn?

Then he laughed at his own joke.

Me: Tigers. And sort of Eagles.

TC: That's what I said the first time!

Please don't misinterpret this conversation. I wasn't being condescending. It's more of an on-going joke when I try to educate about the ways of football and quiz his American geography.

Ironically, after this ridiculous conversation he went on to watch the game with me. During the game he called the fouls as they happened (which I can't do) and even yelled at the TV. He understands the game, he just likes to pretend he doesn't...for what reason, I don't know. To amuse himself? Maybe. Probably.

Either way, be sure to congratulate The Canadian for surviving his first football season with his football loving, southern wife. I'm very proud of his tolerance and patience.

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