Friday, January 14, 2011


It's really pretty outside tonight.

But this morning I was a little too busy to notice whether or not it was pretty. I had some shoveling to do.

I tried to tell The Canadian that there was a clause in our marriage vows about me not having to shovel due to my southern-ness. But he just told me that the fine print on my visa reversed that clause.

So I laid in bed for an extra thirty minutes debating how good of a wife I wanted to be. To help my husband or not...To freeze or not to freeze...

I finally dragged my bum out of bed (but only because I love my husband!). I put on my snow pants (over my PJ pants), laced up my boots, found my mitts and zipped up my parka. It was just as much work as getting dressed for a black tie evening.

This is what I found.

So much snow.

Thank the Lord for the trusty snow blower. By the time I emerged, The Canadian had started in on the driveway.

It's slow going when there is a foot of snow on the ground.

You have to creep along the cars and be careful not to crash.

The Canadian has told me before that snow blowing is hard work and I didn't totally believe him. Really, how hard can it be to push a snow blower? I didn't think it could be any worse than pushing a lawn mower.

See how his head is down? That's not only because he is watching where he's going - that's because he is taking in face fulls of extremely cold snow. I know this because I was brave enough to try snow blowing. It didn't matter which way the spout was pointing. The wind was blowing the wrong direction.

I lasted about eight feet before I ran screaming to The Canadian to save me from death by hypothermia. Snow stuck to my face, under my hood, and in my hair. It was all up in my business.

After about an hour we (ha!) finally had the driveway cleared, the sidewalk cleared and all three sets of stairs shoveled. I swear I helped. I shoveled all the stairs - in the time that The Canadian did the whole driveway and sidewalk. Don't judge. Shoveling is harder than it looks.

Besides, I had to hang out with the dogs and throw some snow balls.

And I had to make sure that no one took an icicle to the head.


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