Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Reporting Live From the Couch.

I took tonight off from life. No workout, no cooking, no vacuuming, no studying, no nothing. I haven't left the couch since returning home from work. You didn't hear me say this...but I'm secretly praying for snow tonight.

I take that back. I take that back! I would never pray for snow. What am I crazy? All I meant was I would give anything to stay in my sweat pants and continue occupying the sofa instead of going to work tomorrow. Jeez.

I must be going too hard lately. My neck is super stiff, my back is sore, my legs are screaming, my arms are angry and my left heel feels like I'm walking on an imaginary rock. See why I need a day of sweat pants and sofa time?

Despite all that, there is only so much time I can spend doing nothing before boredom sets in. About twenty minutes to be exact. It's must be my ADD. In an effort to be productive while being wholly unproductive I decided to take the beginning steps to learning Photoshop. And by beginning, I mean learning how to open a photo in Photoshop. Gotta start somewhere, right?

Nothing too impressive, but it's sure an improvement over the original. Besides, I love this church.

Notice the lack of snow and ice. It's January! Hello global warming, let's be friends.

Somehow this red door turned pink in Photoshop. I kinda like it. Maybe I should write the owner a letter suggesting a little makeover. 

My friend Christina was recently testing/ridiculing my lack of French. I tried to defend myself by saying I recognize basic words like 'open' and 'close' because I see them on shops all the time, I just can't pronounce the words. So she said, "Well what's STOP?" Now, I see at least eight thousand STOP signs a day. I should definitely know that one. But I didn't. Now I do. 

Are you trying to pronounce Arret right now? Let me know if you figure out how to roll your R's without making a Pepe Le Pew face. 

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