Sunday, September 4, 2011

Candyland Dessert = Heaven In A Pan.

Okay, so it's a three day weekend. While I would love to think this is a good thing I feel that it is also effectively ending summer. No? Amazingly, its called Labor Day up here in Canada too. Crazy, since we have similar holiday weekends but the names are never the same. Anyway, I figure you've probably got some sort of great BBQ or party to attend tomorrow so perhaps you're still on the hunt for the perfect dessert recipe.

Oh, you are? 

Good. I'm here to help.

Enter Candyland Dessert. It's a classic from my mom's kitchen. She and I made it last week while I was home and I now plan on making it every week for the rest of my life. It's that good.

So, start with some pretty basic ingredients. You'll want to go ahead and get our the mixer while you're at it.

Then put on your apron. My mom will demonstrate with her super cute, one of a kind cupcake apron.

First things first. Take 2 of the Lorna Doone's shortbread cookie and eat them. No one will ever know. Don't feel guilty.

Then take the remainder of the box and dump them in a large ziplock bag and take out all the day's frustrations with a rolling pin. 

Melt a whole stick of butter in the microwave.

Put the crushed cookies in a bowl, dump the melted butter in, and mix it up to make the crust.

Take the crust and pat it evenly across the bottom of a 9x13 pan. Then pop it in the preheated oven (350) for 15 minutes.

Now, on to the fun stuff. Using the whisk attachment add 2 packs of instant vanilla pudding mix and then add 2 cups of cold milk. Just like the box says.

Let it mix for a few minutes while you take care of more important matters...

Like getting out the vanilla ice cream. We used Breyer's and you can use whatever brand you'd like but might I suggest going for quality here...this probably isn't the best time to buy Brand X.

You're going to need 1 quart of ice cream. Since I'm a math genius and the container held 1.5 quarts that meant we needed 2/3 of the container. And because we're geniuses, we eye balled it.

Are you ready for this?? Add the ice cream by the spoonful into the pudding in the mixer.

Then stick your spoon in, eat it and you'll understand why this dessert is heaven. It's such a simple combination but soooo delicious.

Once the crust is completely cool, pour the pudding/ice cream mix over the crust in the pan.

Then spread a small container of Cool Whip over top. We opted for the full on Cool Whip and none of that pansy Light stuff. At this point, there's no turning back, right?

The final step is important. It involves Heath Bars. Get a bag of Heath Crunch. If you're grocery store isn't as cool as mine then get 2 Heath bars and beat them to a pulp.

Sprinkle them over top to add the finishing touches.

Perfection! Delish!

You'll be the envy of the party. Enjoy!

Here's the copy and paste-able:

Candyland Dessert 

Prep: easy, like a monkey could do it
Time: 30-40 minutes

1 box Lorna Doone's shortbread cookies
1stick butter
2 c. milk
2 boxes vanilla instant pudding
1 quart vanilla ice cream
8 oz Cool Whip (1 small container)
8 oz Heath Bar (1 bag or 2 bars)

1. Crush cookies. In bowl, combine with the melted butter. Spread evenly across the bottom of a 9x13 pan. Bake at 350 for 15 minutes. It will need to cool completely before the filling is added. You may place it in the fridge to speed things up.
2. Using whisk attachment, combine pudding mix and milk in the mixer. Add in the ice cream. Mix until smooth. Eat a spoonful.
3. Pour the pudding and ice cream mix into the pan. Spread evenly.
4. Spread Cool Whip over top.
5. Evenly sprinkle on Heath bar crunch.
6. Chill in the fridge until serving time!

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