Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Great Things I Am Grateful For.

I am grateful for my awesome new painting that will soon hang in the dining room. 

I am also grateful that The Canadian has given up and realized it is wiser to leave the decorating to me. He may finally be letting go of the former orange and yellow sponged walls that he so loved during his bachelor years.

I am grateful for these awesome brown slightly sparkly TOMS. 

I am even more grateful for the party inside of them. Hooray for hot pink corduroy lining! They are not fugly, they are awesome and came in handy today when the temperature dipped and Mother Nature tried to trick me into thinking it's fall or something.

I am grateful for my lululemon Scuba hoodie. Did I mention it was chilly today? 

I am especially grateful that the designers thought to add the thumb hole to every item. Its the best part.

Note: It's a Canadian trend but I hear it's slowly catching on in the States?? This summer while all of us American girls were sporting our Nike shorts in every color of the rainbow all of our Canadian counterparts were rocking lulu shorts. I'm going to have to invest if I want to fit in around here.

I am grateful to be back in the land of Tim Hortons coffee. Starbucks, I love you as well but you're going to have to learn to share the wealth. Deal with it.

I am grateful that I get to work with awesome kids that paint awesome watercolors for me. This little baby is going in a frame and finding a new home on my wall for sure.

I am grateful that after a 3 month hiatus from the gym I still remembered how to work the elliptical.

I am grateful that I was smart enough to rotate some new Rihanna, LMFAO and Kesha into my playlist. What? I'm behind. It's not like I hang out at clubs. How should I know this music came out six months ago? 

I am grateful that I have not only managed to maintain my weight loss over the summer but have lost an additional 3 pounds. That means one thing -- I'm making a blueberry cream pie tomorrow.

I am grateful that the grocery stores reopened today after being closed for Labor Day yesterday. Whatever.

I am super grateful that I'm married to the greatest guy around. I know he's the greatest because he made delicious tacos for dinner and I didn't even have to lift a finger. 

What are you grateful for???

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