Monday, September 26, 2011


"We're going to be productive this weekend. We're going to be productive this weekend," that is what I've been telling The Canadian all week. He needs time to mentally prepare. I was trying to give him plenty of warning. 

It's been crazy busy the past few weeks. My to-do list has been exponentially growing and my sanity has been wavering. So this weekend was going to be catch up time. We're going to be productive this weekend. Come hell or high water.

So we were. We were productive.

I bought new curtains for our bedroom. thank God.

I reorganized my closet. i need a walk-in.

The Canadian put the recycling in his truck because the bottle exchange was closed. that counts.

I fixed the porch light. it's only been broken for 5 years.

The Canadian hung a new hook on my closet door. i have too many bags.

We went out for drinks with friends. needed some water and advil this morning.

We went to the market. sushi for breakfast.

We had breakfast with Tyler and Carla. burp.

I vacuumed and windex-ed the house. hallelujah!

I cleaned out my car. my sanity thanks me.

TC organized his work bench. who knew there was even a bench under that mess?

I ran a couple of miles and lifted a few weights. i can't feel my biceps now.

I made a menu for the week and hit the grocery store in my sweaty gym clothes. seeexy.

I wrote at essay. fail.

The Canadian replaced the flusher/handle thingy on the toilet. always good.

I even managed to make some weird Oreo bar concoction. we'll discuss later.

The Canadian was great. He was helpful. He was productive. He even earned a nap this afternoon.

Wanna guess who wasn't helpful?

Somebody didn't get the memo about being productive.

Somebody took a nap anyway.

Yeah, well that somebody can clean up her own drool from now on. She's fired.

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