Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Red Plate Award.

Do you have any great family traditions? Maybe something from when you were a kid? Something you want to incorporate into your own household?

Growing up, we had The Red Plate Award in my house. The Red Plate Award (RPA from here on out) was exactly that -- the privilege of eating dinner on a red plate as an award for a job well done. Anyone in my family was eligible for earning this prestigious honor although it seldom went to my parents. My sister and I were rather selfish with the RPA. Go figure.

The RPA could be earned for anything that deserved a high five or a pat on the back. Any achievement that didn't happen everyday. It could be major or minor. Things like winning your soccer game, being elected to student government, a birthday, getting a job, making the cheerleading squad, a good grade on a test, running a 5k...anything really. I'm sure there were other examples from our early childhood that I was too young to remember...but you'd have to ask my mom about that. Basically, you just had to do something that made you cool enough to eat on a special dinner plate.

I love this tradition so I was really excited when my mom gave me and TC our own Red Plate for Christmas last year. 

Tonight we used it for the first time. 

Currently, I'm working on getting a second degree in education. I'm taking four online classes and they are positively killing me. Thankfully, one of the classes was only 3 weeks long (read: intense) and it ended this week. Grades came out today and guess who got an A? This girl!

I emailed TC to tell him the good news. Being the amazingly supportive husband that he is (read: he is more excited about me taking classes than I am) he immediately responded with, "Guess who gets the Red Plate Award tonight?" I love that he was excited and that he embraces the ole RPA. I picked a winner, I tell ya.

The Red Plate now comes with its own fancy pen that allows you to write down all of your family's accolades...

That is today's date right? Is it still September? I can't keep up anymore. And for the record, it is NOT the first A I have ever recieved...although A's do seem to be rather elusive on my undergraduate transcripts. It's just the first A in my education courses. Furthermore, I want reiterate this is my first completed education class so stop judging my academic record.

Coincidentally, we were having my all time favorite meal for dinner and TC showed up with a good bottle of wine in celebration. Gosh, I love him.

If you don't have a Red Plate may I suggest you invest in one for your family? Even if it's just you and your dog. Bust out that RPA when you deserve it! Well, and obviously when someone else deserves it. Don't be like me. Try to remember that other people earn a fancy dinner plate too.

Oh, I didn't come up with the super creative name Red Plate either. That is really what it is called. I'm telling the truth. RPA recipients are not allowed to lie. It's in our oath.


Run for the Cure update: Big thanks to Karen, Marissa and Schaefer for the hook-ups today! 

10 days to go! 


  1. Hi! I wanted to say hello...I am Karen's daughter. :)

    She made the blueberry cream pie you posted was so delish! (I linked to the recipe on my blog today.) I'm happy she passed your blog address on to me...I am your newest follower. Have a great weekend!


  2. I expect one of these as a wedding gift when I get married...