Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saturday Thoughts.

1. Friday was my crazy, bonnet-wearing sister's birthday. Happy Birthday, Marissa! Sorry I'm a day or so late. My bad.

2. I cannot walk normally. I ran yesterday in preparation for the Race for the Cure and now I look like an old handicapped person who needs a cain. Do you have one I can borrow?

3. Can someone please come clean my house tomorrow? I don't wanna. It smells like fart.

4. The Canadian and I went to Blockbuster tonight to rent a movie. Yes, we still have old fashioned Blockbuster up here...but not for long apparently. The line was crazy long and we waited for at least 30 minutes only to get to the counter and be told they are no longer renting movies and we would have to purchase it for $15. No thanks. So, we walked out empty handed.

5. How often do you see green in a sunset? Not often, I'm going to guess. One of the perks of Canadian life. Yup. Try not to be jealous.

Over and out.

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