Thursday, September 22, 2011

T-Shirt Making 101.

First things first. The Run for the Cure is in exactly one and a half weeks. I'm ready, as in I'll cross the finishing line...but it won't be pretty. I'll be all sweaty and gross but I will be a vision in pink. 

My sister was kind enough to donate a few tid-bits that she thought would make for funny t-shirts. My personal fave, and the one we're having 'professionally' made says...I'm not telling! You'll have to wait and see. However, there is some concern that the surprise shirt won't make it in time. So, I've instated Plan B - Operation Make A T-Shirt. I tackled the project today using one of her other witty suggestions.

Yesterday I went to Michael's to pick up the supplies. Silly me, I was thinking this was going to be cheap and easy. I mean, they're only iron-on letters. A fool could do this.

I was a little annoyed to realize the letters needed to be cut out individually but I figured that I'm a pretty smart girl and surely I could handle some snipping. 

And while I didn't destroy any letters I definitely had to go back and re-trim them all so the spacing would be even.

Do you see how important it is to cut evenly and straight? The letters have to be facing down when ironing so you can't see what the heck you're working with when you line them up! Annoying

I'm going to go into the iron-on letter making business and invent pre-cut letters that don't cause these problems. Laugh now, but you'll be sorry when I make my first million.

After getting the darn things lined up as best I could I ironed them on as instructed. 

I started peeling the paper off and things were going relatively smoothly at first...

Then it went down hill. There were some fatalities. RIP Mr. F and Mr. B and Miss C. It was nice knowing ya.

I don't know where it all went wrong with that E...

And seriously, why does the E look so much smaller than the A? They're from the same package!

What do you think?! Come on. That's funny. Even with the backwards E it's still funny. 

Do you think anyone will notice my backwards E?

After I finally got the letter situation under control I tackled the back of the shirt. 

Warning: Bling Ahead!

BOOM! What is more appropriate than a cupcake to represent my mom? It's like, her astrological sign or something. At least I come by my cupcake addiction honestly.

So, are you ready for the fashion show? Here it is!

The back...

And the front!

Look the E is forward in the mirror! Me so smart :) 

Special thanks to those that have so generously donated to the cause in honor of my mom -- Mom & Dad, Amy & Alex, Morgan & Charlie, Carla & Tyler, Lowell & Roy, Sally & Scott, Katie, Dotty & Jim, Dorris & Matt, Barb & Mark, Julie, Connie & Archie, The Canadian, Marissa and Tiffany! 

So far you've helped me raise $640! That is amazing. I feel so blessed.

If you are interested in donating to help me reach the goal of $700 then please click here to go to my site!

Check back in 11 days to see photos of me in my solid pink ensemble...get excited.

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